Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Thing 23 - Final Thoughts

If there was another program, like 23 Things, I would participate. I found that it helped me understand the new technology that is changing everyday.

My learning experience can be described as amazing and fun.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Thing 22 - What did I learn?

I will keep up with the new tools that I learned. I will take about 15 minutes of time everyday to go through my RSS feeds, and even to see if anything of the new tools I have learned has been updated.

What did I learn today?
I discovered new Library Web 2.0 Blogs. While checking out I discovered a neat website called Its Our Tree, you have the ability to map your own Family Tree for free. It is a great idea and I know that I will use it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Thing 21 - Social Networks

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I joined the Open Source Food network. From what I was able to look through, it looks like it has a great array of different recipes that members have submitted. It also gives you the opportunity to comment on each of the recipes and submitting your own recipes. I know that I will be searching through this more throughly to find more recipes to use for myself.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thing 20 - Myspace and Facebook

I have a Facebook account and I am obsessed with it. I use it as a way to communicate with my friends who I haven't seen in a long time. I enjoy it too. I do not have a myspace page. I am not the biggest fan of myspace. My younger siblings are all obsessed with it. I did at one time try it, and was weirded out by the amount of strangers that were trying to befriend me.

I think that Facebook is the fasting growing social network because of the control that you have over others seeing your profile. I also think it maybe to the extent that, in my opinion, it is not quite as scary as Myspace. I also think that myspace is also for the teens and Facebook is used more by 20s and older. I might be wrong in these assumptions, but it's from my experience in what I have come across. I do think that the reputation is deserved. Yes, there are somethings about Facebook I do not like. Mainly the new applications and how you are required by some to invite people to them. (Which is really annoying.) Other than that, Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with people that you don't get to see very often. I know that I have a friend that is now going to Med school and is really bad at replying to emails. Now with Facebook, I can see what she is up to. That is why I believe that Facebook is one of the fastest growing social networks.

Thing 19 - Podcasts

I chose to listen to the LOST Official Podcast. I've tried to listen to it in the past, but I honestly do not see the appeal to podcasts. I was an avid listener of a Veronica Mars Podcast, Neptune Pirate Radio. However, now that Veronica is over, I no longer listen to it. Other than listening to the Neptune Pirate Radio Podcast, I do not listen to it much. I've tried to listen different ones, but I cannot get into them. I found an easy way to find different podcasts. I have also used iTunes in the past as a way to find different ones. I do not see myself starting a podcast in the future. Maybe if some of my friends con me into doing it, but other than that, I don't see myself doing them.

Thing 18 - YouTube goodness

YouTube is a great time waster. I tend to go on it, if I haven't seen a certain apperance of my favorite actor/singer. I also use it as a way to catch British shows. I adore Doctor Who. This is a skit that David Tennant did for Children in Need.

Thing 17 - ELM productivity tools

ELM is a great idea. It gives every MN resident the access to databases. As a Library Assistant, I really do not use any of these databases to aid the patrons. I pass the torch onto Library Associates when it's needed. Otherwise, I do use WorldCat when I am looking something up for myself, but other than that, I do not use it much at work.